• Zero Day - A Computer Security Game

    Do you have what it takes to save the Internet? As skilled members of a technical team, you must keep malicious software programs from spreading while developing and deploying patches for four previously unknown software vulnerabilities on a world-wide network of data centers, server, and workstations.
  • Troop 349 The Dice Game

    This is what happens when you have a laser engraver/cutter and too much free time on your hands while driving to and from work. You get a custom dice game and computer simulation to determine how playable it is! This game is really designed for the upcoming (tonight) game playing troop meeting the Scouts have scheduled. It’s incredibly simple, you roll two dice to determine the winning point total and then take turns trying to roll your way there by adding or subtracting your rolls. It’s that simple… except that the dice only have 3, 4, and 9 on the faces!
  • PolarFish PICO-8 Game

    A simple game I created in an hour or so this past weekend at the Colby/Bates/Bowdoin Hackathon (Feb 24, 2019) using PICO-8. You are a hungry polar bear (Bowdoin’s mascot) on a chunk of floating ice. You need to catch fish to keep yourself alive. Use the arrow keys to catch the jumping fish to extend your time and increase your score. As time goes on, the fish don’t fill your belly (time) as well as they used to so you need to get quicker at catching them!
  • K40 Whisperer macOS Package

    Packaging of Scorchworks K40 Whisperer as an macOS Application. The official K40 Whisperer and instructions are at Scorchworks K40 Whisperer. This fork is merely to add packaging for macOS systems, creating a clickable ‘Applicaion’ that can be installed on any macOS system. This eliminates having to run K40 Whisperer from a Terminal prompt.
    K40 Whisperer is an alternative to the the Laser Draw (LaserDRW) program that comes with the cheap Chinese laser cutters available on E-Bay and Amazon. K40 Whisperer reads SVG and DXF files, interprets the data and sends commands to the K40 controller to move the laser head and control the laser accordingly. K40 Whisperer does not require a USB key (dongle) to function.”
  • QSO Mapper

    A compact browser based application to show Amateur Radio QSOs on an interactive map and table. Does not require any desktop installation. You can either upload an ADIF file through your web browser or give the application a URL to load a web-accessible ADIF file and generate a link you can share your log with others. Written in JavaScript using Leaflet and Open Street Map.
  • SoME Book Club Book List

    A small, lightweight, system for keeping tack of the books we (the Southern Maine Men’s Book club) have read over the years. It’s a substitute for sites like Google Groups and GoodReads that we used for a while. Built using some very basic JavaScript with jQuery and a few add-ons, like data tables.
  • F-Engrave macOS Package

    Packaging of Scorchworks F-Engrave as an macOS Application. F-Engrave generates ‘GCODE’ for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems from text and bitmaps. It “Supports Engraving and V-Carving, Uses CXF and TTF fonts, Imports DXF and Bitmap images”. The official F-Engrave and instructions are at Scorchworks. This fork is merely to add packaging for macOS systems, creating a clickable ‘Application’ that can be installed on any macOS system. This eliminates having to run F-Engrave from a Terminal prompt.
  • Good Turn (Android)

    After a few months of code-doodling the Good Turn that I developed way back in 2010 on iOS is now available on Android! The app is a complete rewrite in Java using Google Firebase for the data back-end. This version has actually been in development since 2010 after the iOS version was released, I just never got it to a state where I felt it was releasable until now.
  • Maine Campus Crush

    Maine Campus Crush is a tile-matching puzzle video game. It is also a challenge game between the University of Maine System campuses. Choose your team and play for the highest scores!
  • Portland Women's History Trail

    A mobile, web-based version of the Portland Women’s History Trail originally created by Eileen Eagan and Polly Welts Kaufman in Portland (Maine). The app is built using jQuery Mobile and jekyll to create a complete HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript application.
  • Architalx Audio Portal Application

    An interactive audio controller app that mimics the 17-foot interactive tower as part of Architalx’s 25th anniversary exhibit, “Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx.” At the Portland Museum of Art from February 2nd through May 19th, 2013. In collaboration with Raphael DiLuzio and Matthias Oostrik. The iPad app controls the audio portals and allows visitors to listen to snippets of audio from past lectures on architecture by visiting architects.
  • The United States

    The United States is an educational application designed to help K-5 students learn their United States geography. It was originally envisioned by my son after many interruptions from my daughter asking where a particular state was on the map. Developed by me over several months and play tested by my daughter. Now that all our family members are experts at identifying the states of the Union, it’s your turn.
  • Good Turn (iOS)

    The Good Turn application is a simple yet hi-tech replacement for the age-old good turn coin carried by many scouts to remind them to “Do a good turn daily.” It was primarily designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It works on the iPad in the double-size mode. The fully functional application is free of charge. Additional in-app purchases provide different stylized coins, bronze, silver, and gold, for flipping each time a good turn is done. The cost of these goes towards keeping the web companion site running, future development, and most importantly supporting our local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
  • Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Timer Application

    A Livescribe Pulse Smartpen application that implements a simple countdown timer. The pen itself has several applications for recording written notes and audio. Many users had requested a countdown timer application even before Livescribe released a development kit for the pen. This application was also entered in the Livescribe Developer Challenge.
  • iPhcalc iPhone Calculator

    A native iPhone calculator application. The interface is based on the distributed iPhone calculator application. The goal was to cplay around with iPhone development It is really a base to flesh out the basic functionality and a platform to build more on, if I have time. Available on Google Code.
  • Shawn Ska8er

    An experimental Adobe Flash game that helps a skateboarding Shawn Houser avoid hitting his fast running sister Brianna. Keep your mouse inside the game area and use the left and right keys to move Shawn and avoid Brianna!
  • Big Brother Traffic Light

    Network Operations Centers and Help Desks all over monitor their systems and networks with an open source product called Big Brother – the freely available version is now Hobbit. Here’s how to add a traffic light to indicate network status.
  • picSimon - Handheld Microcontroller Game

    In my recent twiddlings with Microcontrollers a project has emerged. picSimon! A re-implementation of the classic toy using a single chip, a few discrete components, a few switches, and 4 LEDs. So far it is quite a hit at home and the office. Shawn (my 6 year-old son) has gotten up to about 6 moves, I have gotten 18 (once) and at the office 12-15 seems to be the range.
  • Kids MAME 1

    This project was a nice little Christmas present for my kids, and a prototype for Me. Using MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, I built a “universal” arcade machine. The style of the case is a 3/4 scale version of Defender, one of my favorite arcade games.
  • W1REX QRP Transmitter

    This is a 40/80M Amateur Band CW (continuous wave) transmitter built from parts and board provided by Rex Harper (W1REX). It was a preparation for a QRPme club project.
  • TVRO Installation

    Well after some playing around in my "side yard" my Big Ugly Dish (BUD) is up and receiving. This page is the story of how it all happened. Perhaps it will contain some helpful hints for other newcomers to the BUD world. Maybe not, but here it is anyway.

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