A set of “nodes” for the flow based programming tool Node-RED that connect to, control, and monitor WSJT-X software over the network. With these nodes you can decode messages sent from WSJT-X and inject the data into a flow or using data in your flow encode and send commands to WSJT-X.

WSJT-X Decoding

Releases are installed from within Node-RED Nodes for via the “Manage Palette” feature. Current and test releases are available on NPM.

A big THANK YOU to Dave W02X, Alan WA9WUD, Adrian VK4TUX, and all the other members of nodered-hamradio on groups.io that have helped in making these nodes possible. Thier tireless reworking and adapting their existing flows and setup to use these nodes, testing them with their varied equipment, and encouragement have really been instrumental in getting to a usable set of nodes.