It’s a fine day at the beach and everyone is out swimming. But the Undertow is pulling you, your family, and friends out to sea! It’s a race to see who can get their family back to the beach safely before they are lost forever…

Undertow Being Played

Undertow: The Beach Game is a 2-4 player game where you work to rescue your family members (represented by dice) from ocean currents that conspire to sweep them out to sea. Yout goal is to get all your family safely to the beach before your opponents. The first player with all their family on the beach wins.

Of course, along the way, you might expereince sideways currents and big waves which move your family unexpectedly. Once in a while you might even encounter a Life Guard who saves one of your family from the currents and brings them to the beach for you. As always though, watch out for the Undertow!

The game rules and printable game board are included in the directions. All you will need for are 5-7 similarly colored 6-sided dice for each player and 3 additional 6-sided dice of 3 different colors to play. There are two alternative game boards you can print, one uses a lot less blue ink!

A possible move in Undertow

During setup players roll a number of dice (determined by how many players) and take turns placing them in the water (the game board) based on the number rolled.

Each turn consists of rolling three turn dice; two for movement and one modifier die. The movement dice determine how many outward and inward moves need to be made by the players swimmers. The modifier die changes these moves including bonuses like “The Big Wave” that allows more inward movement, and “Undertow!” where all movement needs to be outward. The game ends when any player has moved all their swimmers to the safety of The Beach.

Read Undertow: The Beach Game instructions for more details!

Undertow Dice

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