A libpurple plugin adapted to work in Adium, the Mac OS X instant messaging client. The purpose of the plugin is to coordinate with our local staff In Out Board, a virtual equivalent to regular office magnetic in out boards showing who is in the office and who is not. This makes the actual work of the plugin useless outside our small environment. However, the method of creating a plugin, the wrapper code for Adium and libpurple plugins, and the documentation here are all potentially useful.

The plugin was originally developed for libpurple and Pidgin by Brent Atkinson and completely rewritten by Peter Gillis, both at USM. Pete continues to maintain the core plugin. My code simply includes his sources and uses it as-is. Any needed changes are being contributed back to his codebase.




image of the preferences window

The Adium advanced preference view for the plugin.

image of status selections in Adium

The Adium status selection menu.

image of the In Out Board web application

The USM InOutBoard web application.