YouTube live stream with Kyle AA0Z walking through the Node Red WSJT-X nodes for Node Red.

An hour of talking with Kyle and his viewers about the NodeRed nodes to interact with WSJT-X over the network. We start really basic with a simple NodeRed flow. We work into setting up WSJT-X to send data out over the network and capture it in NodeRed with a UDP node. Then we drop in the WSJT-X nodes and are able to decode the data and develop more complex actions.

The stream shows how to build a simple flow and decode traffic, how to import some of the example flows, how to build on them, and finally how to control WSJT-X over the network from NodeRed.

Thanks Kyle for the oppurtunity to give an introduction and to the great folks over on who have been testing and building on these nodes over the past few years!