As part of the QSO Today Ham Expo this spring where we are building a 40m transceiver we are adding a little extra “Internet” to the project. A log and map of builders and contacts! We are building the Sea Sprite+ from QRPme. Hope to see you there!

Rex Harper, WIREX, returns to the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on Saturday March 25th at 10:00 AM PDT or 1800 UTC with his live build-a-thon, "Build A Simple Station and GOTA (Get On The Air!), where he will build, with his audience, a simple 40 meter transceiver kit, available from Rex's kit company, QRP-ME. Once the transceivers are built, the builders will attempt to contact each other on the air that afternoon. A follow-up on Sunday, March 26th, called "We all GOTA-ed.…So what happened? What worked and what didn't? A wrap up... will finish off the weekend's build-a-thon.

We have some links for you!

First we have a Google Spreadsheet of Builders and Contacts where builders can enter in their building location

The build locations and contacts will also be showin on our Map of Kit Builders and Contacts as more folks enter in their information and make contacts during the expo!

Enjoy the weekend of Hamming!