Do you have what it takes to save the Internet? As skilled members of a technical team, you must keep malicious software programs from spreading while developing and deploying patches for four previously unknown software vulnerabilities on a world-wide network of data centers, server, and workstations.

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You and your teammates will connect to data centers across the globe, cleaning malware from systems while finding the resources to develop patches that prevent further spread and system failures. You must work together, using your individual strengths, to succeed. The clock is ticking as hackers launch new attacks, viruses spread, and new Zero Day vulnerabilities are discovered that fuel the spread of malicious software across the Internet.

Can you find the vulnerabilities and develop patches in time? The fate of the Internet is in your hands!

Pandemic™ Required

This game is based on Pandemic™ by Mat Leacock and at this time requires a copy of Pandemic™ to play. You will reuse most of the Pandemic™ components for this game with the following substitutions:

  • 7 Role Cards: replace these with the Zero Day Role cards o 59 Player cards (blue back cards)
  • 48 Data Center cards
  • 6 Epidemic cards: replace with the Zero Day Discovery cards o 5 Event cards: replace with the Zero Day Event cards
  • 4 Reference cards: replace with Zero Day Reference cards o 48 Infection cards (green back cards)
  • 4 Cure markers: “Patch Markers” in Zero Day
  • 1 Outbreaks marker: “Malware Outbreak” in Zero Day
  • 6 Research Stations: “Secure Hosts” in Zero Day o 96 Infection cubes (24 in 4 colors)
  • 1 Infection rate marker
  • 7 Pawns
  • 1 Board

If you print the Zero Day components, it’s recommended to put the Pandemic™ cards in card sleeves, then slide the printed Zero Day cards into the sleeves in front of the cards they replace. Then, the cards are indistinguishable from the reverse side. Only Role cards and cards from the player deck have replacements. The Infection Deck is used as is from PandemicTM.

Keep reading the full (draft) rules of Zero Day.