A mobile, web-based version of the Portland Women’s History Trail originally created by Eileen Eagan and Polly Welts Kaufman in Portland (Maine). The app is built using jQuery Mobile and jekyll to create a complete HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript application.

screen capture   screen capture

The content is all markdown and incredibly simple to maintain. Jekyll is used to convert the content to HTML which is then laid into templates for each content type (trail, sites, etc.). With the templates jekyll spits out a completed “application.”

The application is still under development so there are still quirks that need to be sorted out. Navigation within a trail and site is not broken but close. The current design is a bottom tabbed (aka iOS) interface and then has a navigation within each tab.

The prototype was relatively easy to get up and running in a few hours. It has the features and ideas that make it easy to show others, including non-technical folks. It gives the feel of the design and shows a possible implementation. And, as with any prototype, it needs work.